Research Projects

Communications with Intelligent Reflecting Surface

Funded By: NSF Link

  • Resource allocation for energy harvesting system supported by IRS

  • Data-driven channel estimation for IRS-aided communication systems

  • Design of aerial IRS in cellular and cell-free network

Next Generation of Cellular Communications in THz Band

Funded By: NSF Link

  • Joint receiver processing in the presence of phase noise and IQ imbalance

  • Data-driven Channel estimation in THz band

  • Aerial communications in THz band

Operating in THz Band in Challenging Propagation Environment

Funded By: DoD (ARO)

  • THz-band transmission in the contested environment (GPS denial service)

  • THz-band transmission with low probability interception and detection (LPID)

  • Data driven channel modeling for THz-band

Data-Driven Design for Cell-Free Arial Terrestrial Integrated Network

Funded By: NSF Link

  • Testbed development for cell-free massive MIMO

  • Fronthaul network design with free-space optics (FSO) links

  • Channel estimation for cell-free network with pilot contamination

  • Zero-trust cell-free network design

Intelligent 5G Networks Designed and Integrated for Globalized Operations (INDIGO)

Funded By: NSF Link

INDIGO will adopt a basic-building-blocks approach to meet the functional and security requirements of military missions and civilian first responder teams in near real-time through a system-of-systems/network-of-networks approach.

Trustworthy Algorithm and Visualization for Data-Driven Approach

Funded By: CapitalOne

  • Development of a robust regression model with reverse-engineering of model and data drifting

Investigation of Man-in-the-middle Attack for 5G Systems

Funded By: ARLIS

  • Analysis of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack for 5G communication systems

  • Experimental analysis of MITM attack for 5G systems

Hybrid RF/FSO Systems in Aerial Network

Funded By: Howard University (internal grant)

  • Performance analysis and optimization of hybrid RF/FSO systems in high altitude platform station (HAPS) aided communication systems

  • Investigation of IRS for FSO systems